Sand In My Tobacco

by Vera Ellen

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Recorded in San Diego, California. First single from upcoming Ep LA LA Life


Eatin' Thai food, I'm outta my mind
You're wearing a fez, you're acting so nice
My walk to the bathroom speed up and slowed down
The walls were closing in so I came back out
and drew on your eyes, you roll a ciggerette
How fear and loathing can ones life get?
We hang in the carpark, you find a little boys shoe
you toss it to the side, what more could you do?

We listen to Sonic Youth our own daydream nation
Giggles by the cannel, lifes a strange sensation
I'm falling in deep but you keep me sane
I love you boys but I forgot your names..

I think its something like (I think its something like)
Joey or James or Dean? (Joey or James or Dean?)
Don't be offended cause (Don't be offended cause)
I don't know what I'm sayin

We walk through dirt alleyways to our own paradise
The houses we pass seem so warm, quiet and nice
We find the sun setting on Venice beach and we think we must of died and woke up in a rock stars dream
There's sand in my hair! There's sand in my tobacco!
I don't trust the ground but you don't think I'm a weirdo
I tell you 'bout my home across the foreign seas and I pray for my friends and my family
We pick up your bikes and walk them past the water
and a tree that's been drapping over it forever
We run to your room and I get on the bass and you get on the drums and you sing about space

I think it's something like (I think it's something like)
Mars or Jupiter? (Mars or Jupiter?)
Don't be offended cause (Don't be offended cause)
I'm just getting stupider

We sit by the fire and look at the moon and talk about how were gonna leave this place soon
We fill our mouths with sugar and drive to downtown and check out a band thats visiting
Now i'm drinking beer and feeling so nice and dancing with your hand interlaced with mine
Who would want this night to end? But its gotta
Cause were adults now were no longer just sons and daughters

I think its something like (I think its something like)
Kissing everyones ass? (Kissing everyones ass?)
Don't be offended cause (Don't be offended cause)
I've lost all my class
I think its something like (I think its something like)
Geting up early? (Getting up early?)
Don't be offended cause (Don't be offended cause)
Nothing matters to me


released December 27, 2016
Recorded and Produced by Jerry Ramirez
Guitars, Drums, Keys and Vocals written & performed by Vera Ellen



all rights reserved


Vera Ellen Wellington, Ohio

From New Zealand
Based in LA

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